Scalable and Reusable Open Geospatial Data

PublicaMundi Vision

  • Open Geospatial Data Catalogue:
    • Geospatial metadata and data as first-class citizens
    • Simplifies publishing, discovery, and reuse
    • Automates provision of interactive maps and value added services (OGC, JS data/mapping APIs) for geospatial data
  • Open Data Catalogue:
    • Full support for generic purpose open data publishing
  • INSPIRE-compatible SDI:
    • Full OGC compliance

What is PublicaMundi

A Geospatial Data Infrastructure, handling the entire lifecycle of geospatial data sharing, discovery, use, and reuse

  • Simple to use for everyone
  • Automates data handling and service provision
  • Data Economy-ready (OGC, interactive maps, Data/Mapping APIs)
  • Data equality and Big Data-ready
  • Cloud-based, scalable, and cost effective (PaaS/SaaS)
  • Versatile, multi-purpose, and future proof
  • Open in its heart (open source, open standards, open data)

Who is it for? (Public Sector)

  • De facto compliance with INSPIRE, OGC, and Open Data policies/standards
  • Versatile and multi-role; start small and grow according to needs
  • Roles supported (all available out of the box)
    • Open Data Catalogue (CKAN-based)
    • Geospatial Data Catalogue (pycsw)
    • Spatial Data Infrastructure (GeoServer, MapServer, rasdaman, ZOO WPS)
    • Web GIS (OpenLayers, Leaflet)
    • Data Analytics
    • Data as a Service (APIs for citizens, private and public sector)

What is your need?

  • Need to publish open data? PublicaMundi is based on CKAN, the leading open data catalogue
  • Already publish open data? Install the PublicaMundi extension and get advanced geospatial capabilities
  • Need a Spatial Data Infrastructure? PublicaMundi offers full INSPIRE, ISO and OGC compliance
  • Already have a Spatial Data Infrastructure? PublicaMundi can repurpose its data and services, multiplying the value of your investment
  • Need to provide Web Maps? Beautiful, scalable and automated Web Maps for the Web and mobile
  • Want to offer value added services? Powerful JavaScript Data and Mapping APIs for building Web and Mobile apps

Who is it for? (Private Sector)

  • Publish your open data
    • Compliant with EC and worldwide data publishing standards
  • Offer commercial value added services from open and/or your proprietary data
    • Monetize services based on your expertise and data
  • Intra-organizational data sharing and collaboration
    • De facto data sharing between people and systems
  • Low-cost and interoperable Geospatial infrastructure
    • Geospatial Database (vector and raster), full Web GIS, catalogue server, Desktop GIS compatible, raster data analytics

Data Publishing

  • Easily publish any kind of geospatial data
  • No need to transform or change the CRS
  • Provide as little or as much metadata you want
  • Data automatically available in maps and services
  • On demand transform and download for users
  • Manage the lifecycle of your data
  • Harvest existing GIS, SDIs or catalogues


  • Integrated metadata editor and validator
  • Full support for geospatial metadata standards (and non-geospatial)
  • Easy programmatic support for new standards
  • On demand transformation in other standards


  • Data ingested in PostGIS (vector) or rasdaman (raster)
  • Available in OGC services (WFS, WMS, …)
  • Available in JavaScript Data and Mapping APIs
  • Available in interactive Maps
  • Available on demand (subset, format, CRS)

Web Maps

  • Beautiful, fast, and versatile interactive web maps
  • Layers added automatically; just upload a data set
  • Simple administrative panel
  • Demand-aware and automatically scalable
  • Multiple ready to use tools
  • Embeddable interactive maps
  • OpenLayers or Leaflet (you choose)
  • Analytics on how your data are used


  • Go beyond visitor statistics
  • Learn how your data and services are explored and used
  • Statistics collected across all service endpoints and components
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Insights automatically applied for adapting the system to traffic


  • Your data and services with no borders
  • Just select languages to be supported
  • Simple and collaborative translation tools
  • Translate at your own pace
  • Catalogue automatically available in 80+ languages
  • Assisted translation for Metadata and Vector data
  • Robust provenance and curation for translations


  • Pick what suits you and grow later
  • Ansible scripts for automatic installation and initialization
  • Native deployment on single or multiple servers
  • Deploy on Virtual Machines
  • Deploy on your own or commercial cloud
  • Re-purpose existing software
  • Low administrative effort

And more

  • Interlink your data; increase value and quality
  • Start small and grow only if you want to
  • No experts needed; invest in training only if you want to
  • Open source; no licenses and fees

What is PublicaMundi?

  • Cloud-based
  • Versatile and multi-purpose (SDI, catalogue, fits in every picture)
  • Multi-purpose and future-proof
  • Simple to use
  • Automated
  • SDI, catalogue, fits in every picture
  • Scalable and cost-effective
  • Open and closed data, Open Source, Open Standards, Open Services

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